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The Chief's Corner - EMS

News and Information updates from the Wyoming Office of Emergency Medical Services.

News, updates, and articles are published in Acrobat Reader format.

2016 News & Updates

Governor Meade's EMS proclamation declaring May 15 through 21, 2016 EMS Week 5/2/2016

2015 News & Updates

Intermediate EMTs and ACLS Requirements 12/17/2015

Education News - Travel with the Education Coordinator

45th Annual Trauma Conference EMS Update by Andy Gienapp

Governor Mead signs EMS Week Proclamation, down load is in PDF

2014 News & Updates

Ambulance Business License Renewal 11/7/2014

Governor Matt Mead's 2014 EMS Week Proclamation

Northern Arapaho Tribe Receives EMS Unit Through Laramie City Council Donation

Volunteer EMT Pension Plan Brochure


2013 News & Updates

November 2013 Chiefs Corner

August 29, 2013 WATRS & Patient Registry Password Update Memorandum

May 2013 Chiefs Corner

 2012 News & Updates 

November/December 2012

August 2012 - Narrobanding Update from Bob Symons, Statewide Interoperable Coordinator

FCC Enforcement Advisory

June 2012 EMT News 

April 2012 EMS News & Mark the Date for Trauma Conference

 2011 News & Updates

December 15, 2011 EMS End of Year Update

September 20, 2011 EMS NewsSeptember 11th Remembrance in Lander WyomingMay 2011 EMS Week Message from Andy Gienapp, EMS Administrator

April 13, 2011 Narrowbanding:  Coordination is Critical 

April 13, 2011 Narrowbanding Video Invite Program is May 4, 2011

April 13, 2011 Link to Narrobanding Comunications Information

March 31, 2011 - Instructor Coordinator Development Course

National Poison Prevention Week 2011 planner available

February 11, 2011 EMS NewsFebruary 10, 2011- Narrow Banding 101

 2010 Updates

December 16, 2010 - Click here to read more about Cardiac Sciences recall on AED's

November 16, 2010 CPR Updates

September 6, 2010 EMS News 

September 1, 2010 Uncompensated Trauma Reimbursement

July 21, 2010 EMS Office Update

Cardiac Science Defibrillator Update - Cardiac Science has released the first update covering the 9390A/9390E model AEDs.

Wyoming Pipeline Association February, 2010

NAEMSO - The Use of N95 Masks and Fit Testing Requirements for EMS Personnel January 2010