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EMS WebBoard Message Board

 The WY EMS Office WebBoard is an easy to use message board for EMS Providers and Trauma Coordinators in Wyoming to discuss EMS issues.

Quick Reference Manual

Learn the basic features of what the WebBoard can do! Click on the link below for instructions.

Quick Reference Manual for the WebBoard

There are tow types of WebBoard Conferences:  Public and Private.  The definitions are below:

Public Conference(s):  Lets anyone interested join and participate in discussions.

Private Conference(s):  Are limited to specific users who are authorized to read and post messages.  Private conferences allow you to discuss confidential topics.  Private conferences are specific to the assigned group participants.

Usage Guidelines:

Use of threatening language, vulgarity, inappropriate comments and fictitious names will result in suspension of the WY EMS Office privileges to the WebBoard Communication Discussion.


Emergency Medical Services - EMS General Discussion Topics

A public conference inviting any Wyoming EMS provider to participate.  This conference is for general EMS discussion and sharing of Information.

Please register as a new user the first time accessing the group.  After registering, an email will be sent to confirm identity and allow access to participate in discussions on the WebBoard.

HEPG - Hospital Emergency Preparedness Group - NEW

Welcome to the new WebBoard communication technology for the Hospital Emergency Preparedness group.  It is helpful to look at the quick reference manual above for the WebBoard.   This WebBoard is presently set to open enrollment.  Click here for WebBoard HPG registration form.