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The OEMS staff, Scott Logan, Brittany Wardle, Jay Ostby, Brandon Kelly, Andy Gienapp, Kelli Perotti, Dara Lawyer, Beth Hollingworth, Bob Dean, and staff that was providing services in other locations during the picture - Coleen King, Sophia Grim and Pedro! 



 Beth Hollingworth has announced her retirement from the Office of Emergency Medical Services.  A reception in Beth's honor is scheduled on January 2, 2015 at 4:00 PM here in the Office of Emergency Medical Services, 6101 Yellowstone Road, 4th floor, Suite 400, Cheyenne.  Please take this opportunity to come by and wish Beth the best for all her services to Wyoming.
Best wishes and cards may be sent to the OEMS.



The mission of the Department of Health and the Office of Emergency Medical Services is to promote, protect and enhance the health of all Wyoming citizens.

The Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS), located within the Wyoming Department of Health provides oversight to a variety of programs.

The OEMS is responsible for enhancing the statewide Emergency Medical Services system which is designed to reduce the number of deaths in the pre-hospital phase and the severity of critical injures and illnesses during a medical emergency where time and care make a difference.

The OEMS is charged with maintaining the statewide emergency medical services system; development, implementation and maintaining of the statewide trauma system; and assuring that Wyoming has a poison center that will provide immediate and correct treatment and information on poisonings.