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Epidemiology and Surveillance

Katie Bryan, Emergency Preparedness Epidemiologist
Epidemiology and Surveillance   

Our epidemiologists contribute to bioterrorism preparedness by enhancing epidemiologic response to naturally occurring disease outbreaks as well as intentionally occurring disease events. They lead and direct epidemiologic investigations of disease clusters and outbreaks with dedicated focus on serving as the coordinator between the Wyoming Public Health Lab and epidemiology sections for communicating laboratory results and patient information.

Our epidemiologists are responsible for preparing, reviewing and maintaining Small Pox Response Plans, Chemical Response Plans and Radiological Response Plan, and serve as our in house subject matter experts for these events. Our staff participates in the 24/7 call rotation for the Department of Health All Hazard Response Line to respond to emergency and non emergency calls from the public, health care providers, first responders and law enforcement.

Our epidemiologists are professionals prepared to triage calls and initiate the response to a potential bioterrorism event, chemical event, radiological event or infectious disease outbreak. They lead and coordinate epidemiologic training sessions for public health officials throughout Wyoming.


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  Immediately report the occurrence of potential public health hazards to the Wyoming Department of Health 24/7 Emergency Notification line: